Friday, February 15, 2008

The Truth About Republicans for Obama

After the posts the other day, I did a little looking into these "Republicans for Obama."

First, a time frame. Repub. for Obama was formed over a year (it registered its website name in Dec. of '06; it started posting on it's website in early '07). That's right, these "proud party members" didn't wait for a Republican primary, didn't wait for a Republican frontrunner to emerge, didn't even wait for a single Republican debate before they decided that Obama would be their pick. These proud Republicans were, what? one month from the Democratic victories in the 2006 mid-term elections and then decide what we really need is a Democratic President?

Second a credibility issue. They claim to "have campaigned, worked for, and voted Republican all our lives." That, is apparently a lie. Press [director?] Tony Campbell worked as a staff member for two democratic congressmen.

In the forums, "Blogger-in-Chief" Barbara Gordon made this brilliant statement:
Being Republican has nothing to do with abortion, gay marriage, or war-mongering. Those are all neocon elements. If you don't believe me, read up on the history of the party. (And don't infer anything about my personal beliefs from that line, that's just the truth of the matter.)

To be honest, if you think the war on terror, abortion, or gay marriage have nothing to do with the Republican party, you are a fool. Even if you disagree with your own party along one or more of those lines (and a great many Republicans do), you still have to admit that part of what separates the Republicans from the Democrats are stances on those issues. True, if you look at the "history" of the party, none of those may be discussed, but neither will cars, telephones, or moratoriums on internet taxes, that doesn't mean those don't exist either.

Gordon also had this to say regarding Obama's stance on partial-birth abortion:
We at RFO are well aware of the Senator's stances (though I've seen no evidence that he supports partial birth abortion...I'd like to see your sources), and we don't agree with them all.

The question now becomes whether these guys are this dumb or just have willful ignorance. Judging by Gordon's demand to "see your sources," I'm guessing willful ignorance. Here's on Barack's abortion stances, here's a copy of a fundraising email at a pro-life website. His stance is pretty clear.

Moreover, Gordon, in the forums while answering accusations/questions about how she could support Obama, said this:

Your choices are Obama, Hillary, and McCain. Whom do you support?

That in itself is misleading, because this group was formed over a year ago, when no one--no one--was predicting John McCain vs. Hillary or Obama.

Bottom line, these guys are complete jokers. Are there Republicans that will vote for Obama in November? I'm sure there will be. People do all sorts of things. Are these guys Representative of some sort of ground-swell of republican support for Obama? I'm not even convinced they're actual republicans.

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